Mandala astrological tarot cards

Three major symbols are defined, with each planet being made up of combinations of these symbols: the Circle representing pure Spirit , the Half Circle or Crescent representing Soul and the Cross representing Matter or Body. The symbols of the planets form the basis for many of the images within this deck.

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Feminine figures are shown as either Venus or the Moon, while masculine figures are shown as either Mars or the Sun. Another symbol that appears frequently in the Major Arcana is the triangle surmounting the cross, the alchemical symbol for sulphur, a symbol for the enlightened being. There are also a short but very important sections on color associations and the Zodiac signs, the symbols within the cards arrows, hearts, keys etc and their meanings, and the Kabbalah and the association of the three mother letters, the seven double letters and the twelve simple letters with the cards of the Major Arcana.

The primary division of the cards is into upper and lower halves.

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The upper half represents consciousness, objectivity and the masculine, while the lower half represents the unconscious, subjectivity and the feminine. The secondary division of the cards is into right and left halves. The right hand half represents that which is instinctive, intuitive, artistic and holistic, while the left hand half represents that which is linear, logical, analytical, mathematical, verbal and concrete.

Astrologically, the right hand side represents that which is outside of the self, while the left hand side represents that which is in the domain of the personality. The Major Arcana is seen in the traditional sense of representing the process of enlightenment.

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Each card is presented with a full color illustration, the card number, element, planet, Kabbalistic letter and association, a description of the traditional Tarot card, the symbolism, divinatory meaning and reversed meaning which is strange, since there are four meanings to each of the cards in this deck. From the book: Hermit Number IX The sign Virgo Yod is work The Traditional hermit An ancient wise man, almost totally hidden by his hooded cloak, starts out on a journey across a vast valley of life experiences. His lantern hides the light of God and he supports his weight with a spiritual staff.

A serpent writhes on the barren ground at his feet. The Symbolism of the Hermit Mercury fertilizes itself and transforms simplicity into understanding by releasing conflicting pictures to achieve harmony through the application of perceptive mind. The staff is divided into sections, representing the seven sacred centres and the seven planets in the heavens, and it bridges the space between the barren and fruitful trees, between which also hang the rainbow veil of illusury pictures of the world. The cloak obscures the Hermit's true esoteric identity until his quest has reached its conclusion on top of the distant mountain at the ordained time.

The search is lonely, but the way is enlightened by the lantern of faith emblazoned with the Seal of Solomon, the symbol of integration of downward emotional and physical impulses and upward intellectual and spiritual aspirations. Divination Meanings The emphasis on hidden meanings must be overcome patiently with introspection and meditation. Through renunciation and service wisdom may be attained. Lonely travel towards a distant goal.

Withdrawal from the world is beneficial.

An Astrological Mandala

Reversed Meanings Concealment and disguise mask true intentions. Unreasonable caution and fear of exposure. Obsession with physical perfection. The opposite quality is the Moon and Pisces indicating sacrifice. The Aces include a short write-up of the suit quality. The Two's, Three's and Four's of each suit are assigned to the decans of the cardinal sign for its element.

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The Five's, Six's and Seven's of each suit are assigned to the decans for the fixed sign for each element. The Eight's, Nine's and Ten's of each suit are assigned to the decan's of the mutable sign for each element. In his section on interpreting the Tarot, Mann addresses formulating the question, telling the story, shuffling and laying out the cards, and card orientation.

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Full color illustrations are included. The backs show a black background, with white lines outlining a black square, inset with radiating, concentric circles.

Superimposed on this is a series of five lines of smaller circles. The card faces show a white background surrounding a circular, full color illustration. The Major Arcana show both symbols and scenery.

The card title is across the top of the card in black letters. The card number is in the upper left hand corner, the Kabbalistic letter and glyph are in the upper right hand corner, the Element and planet appear in the middle of the card, on the bottom, with the lower left and right hand corners show planets and their planetary glyphs. The Minor Arcana show a white background surrounding a full circular, color illustration. The suit title and number appear in black at the top of the card.

The Mandala Astrological Tarot (BOX Paperback + CR) [Paperback]

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