February 17 horoscope scorpio or scorpio

This full moon could help you achieve a long held goal! You might also hear news about a friend, event, or technology or philanthropy project. On the same day as the full moon, Mercury, ruler of your goals house, will conjunct Neptune in your love zone.

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It's possible your goal is related to a child, romance, or creative project. The shallow, superficial side of a person conceals profound depth. Nonetheless, your reputation may take a hit this week and it may bother you more than you might expect. Your ability to make clear decisions may be somewhat confused.

Your overall attitude will be fairly laid back. It may seem that a series of crises are occurring around you, but you can keep fairly calm, aloof and separate from events. Things may move slowly, but they are still moving, and the slower pace is actually better for you in terms of acclimatisation.

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Success is coming, and you understand that intuitively. With Mars in Libra, you are attuned to the spiritual side of life, and it has a healing impact upon you. These financial obligations may be for bills that have changed or are in the process of being paid off. Or, you may need to focus on what you must do to collect settlements or borrow money in some way, like refinancing a mortgage or funding a vehicle purchase.

Scorpio Horoscope - Exciting predictions revealed !

It could also be about money that you receive from sources outside of your regular salary. For you, Taurus, the long transit of Mercury will be contained within your Solar seventh house, which is the domain of any possible type of one-on-one relationship, as well as negotiations and official documents. Bargaining will be difficult and drag on, because neither party wants to leave any stones unturned and both want to find a settlement that is to their own advantage.

Work, in this case, means the tasks you have to perform in order to get things done, or the labor you have chosen to do to enhance your home or refurbish a vehicle.

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This can be a fruitful time for you on a mental or intellectual level, because you can get lots of writing or painting done or will be given the opportunity to spend more time to develop your skills through practice. You may also spend time learning about personal wellness for both your body and mind. This may be a perfect time to go on a special wellness-oriented retreat.

Planetary Row

Or, find a local practitioner you feel a comfortable and trusting connection with. This period may include some deep and lasting connections, with the possibility of profound insights into people, places and things that you never sought out in the past.

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Your sharp and incisive mind will pick up on signs and symbols, thanks to Mercury. This will cause you to appreciate things like motivation and vulnerability, even if you spend the time reading books or going to the movies. Watch your spending during this time, though, because the attraction of things you enjoy may also attract your money away.

For you, Leo, Scorpio is the zodiac sign that belongs to your fourth solar house of home, family, property and the things in life that you protect.