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For more on what Jupiter means for you in the coming year, please read your personal Jupiter in Capricorn for Capricorn forecast. If you were over 18 12 years ago, think back to what you did back then to change how people saw you. What was the result of this? What did you attract in that was different?

Also, ask yourself who you have always believed you were meant to be. Just who are you anyway? One way we define ourselves is via our relationships. Clever Capricorns will have made the connection that if the South Node is in your 1 st this means the North sits in your 7 th of partnerships — past, present and potential in fact.

This reflects the true and possibly new you. It tells you how far you have come when it comes to owning yourself.

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Solutions which were not available to you before now could unexpectedly present themselves especially when it comes to a personal conundrum or issue. The 9 th sees Jupiter and Chiron open up new possibilities for you. Follow up on that intuition and above all, be alert for signs, omens and synchronicities. These are not random at all but evidence of fate, destiny or karma at work. Choices or decisions you made 19 years go or even further back than that — to if you were an adult back then, or even your family karma or past life decisions, feature.

Remember, not making a choice is also a decision in its own way. As well as owning who you truly are, this birthday cycle asks you own your choices, actions and inactions too. They have brought you to where you find yourself today. The choices you make now, are creating your future.

Again, provided you act authentically, you will make the right ones. Ensure you make these with your long-term wellbeing firmly in mind. Be aware of who or what lifts you up and conversely, what drains or depletes you. It comes sandwiched between two of the most important conjunctions of the month for you. Venus meets ruler Saturn on the 11 th and then Pluto in your 1 st. A key relationship may transform or a new one be set to transform you or your world totally. I will have more to say about this in a bit.

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If you are seeking to attract a lover, the run up to the New Year could see in lure one like no other thanks to Jupiter 15 th , the Sun 24 th and then Mercury 30 th align to Uranus in your zone of fun and romance! Get a little end of year alchemy happening between you and someone new. Venus enters its ruling 2 nd in your chart from the 20 th.

Gifts, generosity and end-of-year bonuses may feature for some.

Just be aware that Venus in here can have us exceeding our budget. Yours is one of the signs that while you work hard for your money, you can be extremely generous with those you truly care for. Yours is usually the serious gift. One you may have put a lot of time and thought into. Plus you have a tendency to buy only the very best. Your birthday season begins with Solstice Day on the 22 nd. The day the year pivots as this is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest in the Southern.

So, again, know where you want to get to and aim to get there in a way where you demonstrate your truth by the actions you take.

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Jupiter in your 1 st opens doors and offers solutions and opportunities. Provided you operate with complete integrity and authenticity.

Next month brings an accounting for those who have not come from a place of soul truth. So this is why it is so important to be living yours — no matter what others may be doing. Lead by example now. Be your own leader and be seen as someone others can rely on. The new Moon in your 1 st is always the true start of your new yearly cycle. No matter what date in your sign your actual birthday falls on. This one is again, extremely unusual as it not only falls within one degree of Jupiter, but delivers a powerful Annular Solar Eclipse.

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As you know, eclipses cover up or conceal. Yet, Jupiter is always about just that. Big picture thinking. This is the ring of truth, the flash of insight that points us in the direction of the full facts or possibilities. As I indicated earlier, this could involve a past, present or even potential partnership which accurately reflects the real truth of who you are.

Or conversely, you become aware that with someone, this is simply not the case any more. To say fate has a plan for you and possibly another, is going to be an understatement. December asks you to understand this is karma or fate you have created.